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Areas of Expertise

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a methodology used to solve complex problems and find desirable, innovative solutions for clients. This is not a problem-focused approach; it is a solution-focused, action-oriented and human-centered approach that aims to produce fruitful outcomes.

Service Design

Service design involves the holistic and systematic design of services from the customer's point of view. It focuses on designing "touchpoints" where customers intersect with other people or with the environment. It uses a human-centered design process to create ideas, and design and implement innovative services. Service design emphasizes designing services that are tailored to both the needs of customers and the capabilities of service providers.

Design Customer Experience

Creating a customer experience based on in-depth customer insights and design thinking. The program helps you design and create customer experiences that improve the lives of your customers as well as create social, environmental and business benefits.

Design Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is used to provide a different perspective to better understand organizations and the conception of its process. With systems thinking, team members must learn how all parts of the organization interact, not how they perform independently. Systems thinking is helps in understanding the "how" before the "why" which will improve the entire work process.

Design Strategy

Design strategy is an innovative combination of design thinking, strategic planning and creativity to develop immediate and long-term integrated strategies. This helps your organization integrate design-led strategies into existing practices in business, government agencies, social enterprise and communities.

Design Research

In-depth analysis and the hands-on review of your business with your team. The program will help you identify opportunities to improve your service and your customer experiences.

Design Management

Design management explores the concepts, principles, skills and capabilities required to manage and support innovations in organizations. It explores different styles of management and leadership as well as the essential capabilities to lead, strategize, and deal with complexity and change.